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“Centomedia is passionate about offering reliable and cost-effective screen communication solutions. We are proud to put our knowledge and experience in technological innovation at the service of our partners and customers and creating powerful content tailored to meet their communications goals”
Rudy Dierckx, CEO Centomedia

Driven by the idea to create the best cloud based communication tool for marketing and communication managers, Centomedia transformed itself in only a few years time from a multimedia production house into one of the most important total solution providers in digital signage.

We are firmly convinced that we can offer our customers a secure and future proof digital signage solution. We deliver and support play-loop based, data driven and full-scale interactive digital signage applications.

From our experience we know that the success of such solutions is determined largely by:

  • A reliable application, both functional as technological
  • The simplicity to manage content both centrally and locally
  • A stable synergy between hard- and software
  • The scalability of the solution
  • Monitoring data connections from our datarooms
  • Flexible integration with 3th party software and back-office applications
  • Accurate and proactive project management
  • Providing appropriate training